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Swing from anything in VR. Play on HTC Vive.

SwingStar is a wacky third-person virtual reality physics puzzler set in a colorful universe. Your goal is to find and swing on a mysterious bell using a giant sticky hand attached to your head.

NOTE: This is a demo for the full game. You can download the full game on Steam, Oculus, & Gear VR.

A disaster has mutated physics, you must save your home multiverse by ringing the mysterious bell. A magic helmet allows the player to swing through all of the affected dimensions, and set things right by ringing all the resonator bells. A colossus robot stand between you and the final bell. Explore a colorful cartoon world by swinging through enchanted deserts, bright forests, steep canyons, and many more bizarre and beautiful worlds!

SwingStar's intuitive controls use only a button and your line of site to soar, flip, swing, fly, and explore in ways you have never experienced in any other video game.

Find out what lies beyond the bell


  • Explore all 30 levels
  • Epic Boss Battle
  • Unlock mysterious doors that unlock secret levels
  • Wacky power up items change the gameplay. Turbo Yo-yos swing you around, Air Cannons blast you high in the air, and The Grappling Jelly will suck you to it's gooey surface.
  • Innovative gameplay let's you swing on any object in the world by looking at it, or by pointing you touch controller at it.
  • Dreamy soundtrack by electronic musician Marchthirtyseventh
  • Master each level to receive a perfect 3 Star rank!
  • Get all 84 stars to unlock the mysterious inter-dimensional zone!

Download demo

SwingStar VR Demo 79 MB

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